Lex Avellino | Blender & Megascans Workflow: Faster, Better 3D Nature ( Blender Nature #001 )

Blender & Megascans Workflow: Faster, Better 3D Nature ( Blender Nature #001 )

Create better Blender nature scenes with photoscanned assets from the premium Megascans library! If you’ve ever struggled to make realistic nature, incorporating Megascans into your professional or personal workflow will add a heavy dose of realism to your scenes.


Today I started a series on my 3D nature workflow in Blender! The first tool I go to when I’m trying to create realistic 3D nature scenes is Megascans from Quixel. Creating realistic nature is hard. Organic objects have a lot of random detail. The best way to create this is by using photoscanned assets like the Megascans library.

Pros of Megascans

  • Highest quality assets – You won’t find anything better anywhere else.
  • Varying levels of detail – You can find textures from 2k-8k for every object and all the models have LODs from a couple hundred tris to millions!
  • Quick mix & match – You will easily find a lot of objects to fit your scene and fill up all the details quickly.
  • Endless detail – You can find large objects and super small objects to add the most granular level of detail.


Cons of Megascans

  • It’s not free – This isn’t really a con, but some people won’t like it. I’m happy to pay money to add quality and save time, but if you aren’t a paid 3D designer, it can be hard to justify.
  • Lots of options – Again, this isn’t exactly a con, but it can be a bit overwhelming searching through their library. Fortunately, they have it organized by biomes, asset type, and different tags like dirt, tree, mud, etc.
  • Learning curve – I had a hard time getting into Megascans because no one was showing how to use it with Blender. But I’m hoping to solve that problem with these videos! So check it out!


What’s next?


In my next video, I am going to share how I put together a scene using these assets, from concept and composition to modifying models to fit your space. I’ll cover a lot of fun details to help you make high quality nature scenes in Blender!

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